Care For your Rug

Here are some rug care tips and guidelines to help your rugs looking great, staying, and lasting longer.

1- Dusting and Cleaning


- Vacuuming your rugs is the BEST thing you can do to keep your rugs in great shape in between cleanings. Think of all the dust that daily settles on to your hard floors… that same dust settles on your rugs and needs to be removed, otherwise, it works its way into the fibres and causes damage you cannot correct.

(PS: At the microscopic level, dirt acts like “tint sharp cutting blades” slicing away at the fibres and foundation of your rug. This is why rugs that are not cleaned regularly get wear patterns and needlessly wear out and lose fibres – destroying their beauty and value!)

However, you do not want to overly “brush” these fibres so the best tool to use is an upright HEPA-filter vacuum cleaner and just run it over the top of the rug fibres. Vacuum WITH and not against the nap of the rug’s “fuzzy” side (the rug’s fibres are similar to your pet’s fur – you know when you are petting with the nap, and when you are not. Going “with” it causes less friction)

If a lot of dirt seems to be collecting on the rug – like on your entryway rugs – then turn these rugs fuzzy side down and vacuum along the back side (stay away from the fringe tassels or you’ll suck them up!)

This “shakes” the dirt out of the base of the rug’s foundation and then you can flip the rug over and vacuum away all the dust, dirt, allergens, mould spores, bacteria, and other “unmentionables” that have been brought into your home by lots of shoes, feet and paws.

Watch this video to learn how to vacuum your rug properly:

protima rug cleaning cambridge.PNG

We recommend using Sebo vacuum cleaner. Contact us on 01223 863632 to find more information.


- Rotation:

To ensure even wear, your rug should be rotated once a year. Depending on the traffic, the rotation may vary from six months to two years.  


2- Underlay: 


Rug underlay is intended to hold your rugs securely in place whether on hard or soft surfaces. This prevents shifting and dangerous slipping. Over time, shifting and slipping can cause stress and break stitching, stretch rugs out of shape and cause excessive wear. These underlay will not stain or damage your floors or rugs. Having underlay under your rug actually increases the life of your rug! Ask us for the correct underlay.



3- NEVER place a potted plant on an oriental rug and be cautious about placing a plant near one (The constant seepage or condensation of water on the bottom of a pot causes the foundation and the pile to rot, mildew and fall apart.)

4- Don't store your rug in plastic.  Storing the rug away in plastic will cause humidity to build up and cause the rug to become damp.  It will also be a great place for bacteria to grow.  Always store the rug away after it has been cleaned, store rolled up, not folded in either brown paper or Tyvek bag, which will also allow the rug to breathe and protect it from any external moisture.